"The first and most important person you must believe in is yourself." 

Toni Sorenson

inspHERation® Life Coach, Misti Graham

Misti Graham


Having been through her fair share of life's adversities, Misti is a proud to be an accomplished "life survivHER" and has continually found ways to pick herself up and keep going in spite of what was happening around her.

She personally understands that life holds many challenges and regularly hands us obstacles we never see coming, find almost impossible to handle and struggle to overcome. 

By speaking about and from her own life experiences as well as guiding you with clinical expertise gained from the pursuit of a Master's of Science Degree in Psychology - Life Coaching, Misti will provide you with valuable insight and ideas that will help you persevere through life's challenges and live a life of inspHERation®.

Ignite Your Fire. 

Inspire Change. 

Impact Your Life.

*One FREE 30-minute call per NEW customer. Cannot be combined with any other individual sessions or packages. Please note that Misti Graham is not a clinically/state licensed therapist or counselor. As she is pursuing a Master of Science in Psychology - Life Coaching Degree, she is qualified to provide situational life coaching services only. 

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