Coaching Videos for Women

Who doesn’t enjoy snuggling up in the comfort of their own home on the couch or even in bed!

Why not make this time productive? Visit our Online Library and peruse the various videos available as additional resources and tools to supplement your coaching sessions.

This is a relaxing way for many to enhance the coaching journey and acquire additional knowledge or build upon what you are currently working on during your sessions with Misti.

Whatever aspect of your life you are focusing on, be it personal, professional, or executive coaching, you will find relevant videos that are relatable to your transformational growth journey.

Find the Power of HER Within You

The videos are an easy and comfortable way of endorsing your coaching sessions. In addition, you will find them inspiring as they serve as a valuable supplement to your sessions.

Through her power of her, you will find that every video has a message or a lesson that will resonate with what you are working on in your sessions. Many people find that visual stimulation reinforces the transformational process.