Coaching Resources

Resources for Women from InspHERational © Coaching

Over and above the Coaching sessions provided by Misti, which are very interactive, an array of additional resources is offered for you to enjoy.

These supplement your sessions and are valuable tools to endorse your transformational process.

We offer a range of videos, eBooks, and Coaching Guides that can all be worked through and enjoyed in your own time and space. These are valuable tools to use between coaching sessions.

Using Videos as a Coaching Tool

Put your feet up, lie back, and relax. Visit our online library and enjoy the various videos available as additional tools to supplement your coaching sessions.

This is an enjoyable way for many women to enhance the coaching journey and acquire additional knowledge or enhance what they are currently working on during your sessions. You will find relevant videos that are relatable to your coaching.

You will experience every video having a message or a lesson that will resonate with what you are working on in your sessions. Many people find that visual stimulation reinforces the growth process within the sessions.

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eBooks from InspHERational © Coaching

As everything is online and electronic today, eBooks are an easy and convenient additional resource that most people find light and accessible to access, be it during a lunch hour, waiting in a doctor’s waiting room, or winding down before bedtime.

A device and an internet connection are all you will need to access eBooks at any time of the day or night. You may even enjoy reading the content while on vacation.

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Coaching Guides from InspHERational © Coaching

The guides are comprehensive and provide a practical framework and ideas that resonate with your journey. They can be worked on in your own time or within your coaching sessions. The additional resources are most beneficial and will certainly assist you in igniting, inspiring, and impacting yourself and others.

You will find the various resources well presented, informative and captivating, and you will enjoy the positive outcome of inner growth. Using the Resources means taking responsibility for your journey while realizing the essential elements of life coaching for women.

By using these tools, you will find the power of her within you.

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