The Power of HER is a cutting-edge concept that Misti incorporates into each and every coaching session. The power of HER is a direct correlation to Misti’s own life along with her values, coaching methods, and principles. It is a powerful way to observe, interpret and utilize the accomplishments of women who, like Misti, have overcome, persevered, and conquered life’s most difficult challenges while thriving despite what life hands you.

The power of HER is a true mindset that incorporates famous women who, throughout  history, blazed new trails and navigated unchartered territories. Additionally, it is an ode to the women who are  friends, families, and co-workers doing their best to work through hardships and adversities while demonstrating strength, determination, and action. By using the power of HER in client coaching sessions, Misti helps transform women to be the best versions of themselves while making their dreams a reality.

inspHERation® Coaching

Misti’s InspHERational coaching for women is designed for those who desire to make positive, sustainable change for themselves. We have all experienced times in our lives when we need to do something different and implement changes but tend to get stuck in old familiar habits. However, once we have the “aha” moment and realize that we will continue getting the same results if we continue doing what we have always done, it inspires us to lose and change what no longer serves us. 

As women, we all love the sense of being unstoppable; however, we need to work to achieve our goals and hold ourselves accountable. With Misti by your side, sharing her passion, purpose, and dedication, you will begin to see and feel changes while new habits begin to take shape.

Using coaching tools, resources, and the power of HER, Misti will assist you in igniting your motivation to change and inspire you to rise and impact your life in ways you never imagined. 

In your sessions with Misti, you will find yourself inspired and begin to notice the desire for change deep within. This journey of self-discovery and inner growth will result in positive changes and outcomes.

Ignite Your Fire. Inspire Yourself. Impact Your Life. 

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”

– Oscar Wilde