Misti Graham has a Bachelor of Science Degree, a Marketing and Media Degree from Full Sail University, and a Master of Science Degree in Psychology with an emphasis in coaching from Grand Canyon University. Over and above, she is a certified life coach, having acquired her qualification from JRNI (ICF Accredited).

Having a degree in Psychology is an excellent asset as this is rare amongst coaches. It enables Misti to work with her clients on a deeper level. She is armed with superior knowledge and a skill set that sets her aside from other coaches. Her vast insight and extensive experience place her in a league of her own.

Misti has authored, published, and edited the “Finding HERself” monthly blog.

Misti’s knowledge and experience are vast and diverse. Corporate Coaching is one of her key areas, whereby she helps employees, managers, and executives to gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve development objectives, and unlock their potential amongst so much more.

Be it in one’s personal or professional life, she provides insight and guidance, focusing on self-confidence, work-life balance, and communication. Her experience in working with women in their personal lives spans a multitude of life traumas. Irrespective of the situation, she works with her clients in a sensitive and empathic manner with genuine care.

inspHERation® Coaching

Misti’s story, the birth of InspHERation

Misti’s Coaching Business, InspHERation, was born one dark night as she sat alone on the floor of her apartment in Chicago. Having relocated from Arizona with things not having gone to plan, she understandably felt deeply distressed. She had started a new job, missed her friends and family, and could not uproot again to return to Arizona. She knew that she had two choices, to sink or swim.

As she pondered her thoughts, feeling sad and alone, she knew that if she allowed herself to remain in that dark space, she would only fall deeper in the mire of depression and sadness and that she would be wasting potential opportunities of what lay ahead.

With much introspection and self-talk, she chose to pick herself up and search deep within to draw upon her resources to keep going and carry on. Although her life was in turmoil, she told herself that she had managed to endure tough times before and she would get through this one too. While the business InspHERation was born that night, the name had not yet come to mind.

The sapling was planted when people who watched her and constantly commented on her strength and resilience, knowing what she had been through, repeatedly used the word “inspiring.” Listening to the dramatic and the massive upheaval that she had experienced, Misti had made the conscious decision to stand up, wipe herself off and carry on. As she pulled herself through the exceptionally life-changing and emotional journey, people were in awe, and “inspiration” almost became a theme.

This resonated with Misti on a deeper level. She suddenly thought of using the word inspiration but changing the spelling to emphasize the HER. For Misti, this is the essence and core of her business. As women, we inspire ourselves and move forward when life throws tough challenges at us.

At the same time, the brand InspHERation speaks for itself. It is directly symbolic of us as women to draw upon our inner strength, resilience, and resources, pick ourselves up, and carry on. When finding ourselves in challenging situations, we often don’t realize how strong we are until being strong is our only choice.

Why having Misti as your coach is truly unique

  • Her unique selling proposition is that she is exceptionally well educated in this space

  • Her genuine Life Coach certification sets her apart from many others who call themselves coaches but do not have the qualifications or depth of experience.

  • Her authentic accreditation and certification and her degrees in Marketing and Psychology have provided her with the necessary tools to help others and see results genuinely.

  • Misti has walked the journey and invested in herself to the degree that sets her apart from others.

  • Misti’s life experiences and her degrees pair well to make her the best Life Coach that she can be

  • Her investment in herself assists her in investing in her clients to ensure the best possible return.

The skill sets that Misti offers her clients, namely, communication, empathy, and compassion, are genuine attributes. She cares deeply about her clients over and above being in the career for financial gain. Many others place the almighty dollar over and above the care for their clients.

She demonstrates her care and passion by providing roadmaps, milestones, benchmarks, and goal setting, which show desired results.

Misti’s clients and experience, as well as her many testimonials, are what speak best for her.

Why has Misti chosen to work with women?

For Misti, working with women is utterly relatable on various levels.

As a woman herself, she feels empathy for and understands women.

Not only has she experienced personal challenges in her life, but she has also climbed the corporate ladder as far as she could go. She can thus share a lot of personal anecdotes from her personal and professional life, which lends compassion and empathy to her clients.

Many women feel most comfortable consulting with a female coach. They feel understood, and it is easier to share their personal stories with a woman instead of a man.

Women struggle a lot in life from an early age. We are raised with the idea that we are “less than” and cannot” do the things” that boys can do.

Right up to adulthood, many women suffer through complicated pregnancies, miscarriages, divorces, and job changes while still being caregivers, mothers, and sisters.

“I believe that all women can do remarkable things, even in challenging circumstances. Everyone experiences times when life is tough, and a helping hand is needed. That’s why making the decision and taking the step to reach out is empowering. I will provide you with transparent information and confidential support, free of judgment or any pressure.”

– Misti