InspHERational Coaching, what is it?

Coaching is a journey that does not have a destination as it is an ongoing transformational process. If there were a destination, one would reach a state of stagnation whereby one’s growth would be stunted. This is not to say that clients spend a lifetime attending coaching sessions, but rather that it is the springboard and the space to become equipped and empowered to walk one’s journey with the tools that one acquires through coaching.

Much like flowers and trees need to be watered and nurtured, so too do we, as people throughout our lives, need nurturing and guidance. We are living through stressful times, and whether we have lost our way or are seeking more profound meaning, coaching is the aid to get us back onto the right road and follow the journey and the obstacles that life presents.

inspHERation® Coaching

Many women come to coaching with a very specific matter that they wish to deal with that is impacting the quality of their lives. Some women even come without a problem that they can pinpoint but are aware that they have the need for growth, inspiration, or healing.

InspHERational Coaching provides a safe and nurturing space to unpack and acquire the tools to follow the roadmap of life. As the sessions unfold and the client discovers and becomes aware of the areas that need effective healing or growth, the reward of achieving one’s full potential is enjoyed. Awareness is ignited.

Misti provides tools through her professional experience to empower clients in sharing, supporting, and holding space to achieve the growth that they are seeking. The transformation is inspirational and enriches one’s life to enable one to function at a higher and more enriching level. It is the best investment within oneself and has a domino effect that affects those around one powerfully and positively, be it in one’s home, family, social circle, or workplace.

This is the moment at which one feels the true effect and impact of InspHERation Coaching.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

– George Barnard Shaw