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Coaching FAQ2022-05-16T08:24:03+00:00

As it is normal to want to inquire about the coaching process and all it entails, we recommend reading through our FAQs to find the answers you seek.

You are making a significant investment in yourself; therefore, selecting the right coach and understanding the process is key.

If your question is not listed below, please feel free to contact us for further information, and we will gladly assist.

What is the duration of a session?2022-05-04T14:24:20+00:00

Coaching typically consists of a series of one-on-one sessions between you and your coach that lasts roughly 50 minutes each, allowing for questions and feedback. 

How many sessions are required to achieve results?2022-05-04T14:25:03+00:00

It won’t surprise you to read that there isn’t a definitive answer to this question. Every individual has goals, aspirations, and challenges that differ in size, scope, and duration. One coaching client might need urgent assistance with a short-term goal. A host of circumstances determine the answer to this question; therefore, it depends on your situation. Most clients require 5  – 10 sessions, while others may require more. It depends upon the matter that needs to be dealt with and how much work the client is willing to put in.

Coaching relationships vary from client to client, and only you will know when you have reached a point to move forward independently.

How often would a client need to see their coach?2022-05-04T14:47:05+00:00

We have found that, on average, a weekly session is adequate; however, there is no hard and fast rule to coaching. Each clients’ specific needs determine the pace and cadence of coaching sessions.

What is the cost per session?2022-05-04T14:48:37+00:00

Most clients select a package of sessions when first coming to coaching; therefore, we are happy to offer three different package pricing options. A la’ carte coaching is available for $149 per session.

What is the difference between coaching and counseling?2022-05-04T14:49:16+00:00

Counseling is a past-focused discipline in which the counselor starts with their client and works backward. In contrast, coaching starts with a client and works forward to creating lasting change.  

Some clients come to InspHERation after experiencing counseling, tired of having reasons and excuses without solutions or direction, and want to move forward.

We do not dwell on the reasons in our coaching sessions, as our guidance avoids a negative outcome. Instead, we focus on the present to ensure a happy and prosperous future.  No matter what has happened in the past, anyone can change their trajectory and learn to ignite, inspire, and impact their lives.

Does Medical Insurance cover coaching?2022-05-05T09:12:00+00:00

As coaching is not considered medical, health insurance coverage is not available.

Does Misti offer family coaching or only individual one-on-one sessions?2022-05-05T09:14:41+00:00

Misti’s experience has shown that the most significant benefits of coaching are achieved in a one-on-one setting; therefore, she does not currently offer family coaching.

Does Misti have a specific coaching philosophy, or does the client set the tone?2022-05-05T09:15:26+00:00

Misti has a wide-ranging coaching approach. As she is not just a fully accredited Coach with copious life experience, she also has additional knowledge and expertise from her degree in Psychology. She offers many resources and tools in her coaching sessions that will help set you up for success. Her sessions are very interactive and vary according to what you,  the client, bring to the table. Misti will guide you with many open-ended questions and hold space for you to be yourself in the confines of privacy, non-judgment, and confidentiality. There is no set format or style. The process unfolds naturally and organically.

Does the coach offer direct feedback, plans, practical solutions, and strategies?2022-05-05T09:23:32+00:00

Misti will guide you by asking you thought-provoking questions, gently and sensitively steering you along your journey of self-discovery and transformation. She will ignite the flame within you that will inspire you to do the work using the power of HER. You will be provided with tools and resources through your coach-client relationship. You will be given constructive feedback to enhance your growth. Plans, practical solutions, and strategies will be a significant part of your coaching journey. As the client, you will need to cooperate and engage by putting in the work and being accountable. This will prove to be a worthwhile journey. Misti will provide strategies, roadmaps, and benchmarks that will allow you to progress and reflect constantly.

Can coaching sessions diversify widely while covering, for example, career climbing stressed executives and personal day-to-day life issues?2022-05-05T09:24:23+00:00

As we are not robots, this is a regular occurrence. Misti will guide you in identifying the primary problem area as a starting point. The secondary issues will be more manageable as the problem unravels. With coaching, you will obtain the balance you require throughout your personal or professional life.

Does the possibility exist that there may be an area that the coach may not have the knowledge or experience to work with? If so, how would that be addressed?2022-05-05T09:25:02+00:00

A coach without adequate mental health training could miss an underlying mental health condition and unknowingly engage in coaching practices that may worsen client symptoms.

One needs to understand the clear difference between psychotherapy and coaching. While psychotherapy delves into the past and emphasizes diagnoses and emotions, coaching is a more hands-on approach to dealing with current issues and working towards a transformational change for an enriched and fulfilled future. 

Misti has the advantage, which is a significant bonus to her clients because she has both authentic qualifications and thus knowledge of her field extensively. She can identify underlying problems that may cause the issues that her clients are currently experiencing.

Because of her dual qualifications, it is not generally the case that she needs to refer to another professional. 

However, when a client is experiencing trauma, Misti strongly advocates seeing a psychologist.

Her intensive studying and extensive experience arm her with the remarkable ability to deal with all issues. 

Should the problem be severe in that the client is mentally and cognitively impaired and psychotherapy is required, she will refer out as her focus is on  Coaching.

What is the difference between a  Coach, a psychologist, and a psychiatrist?2022-05-05T09:25:41+00:00

All three of these have similarities and differences. While all work in the field of counseling people, their qualifications, experience, and limitations differ tremendously.

A coach starts with you today and moves forward.

A psychologist/psychiatrist starts with you today and moves backward. A psychiatrist is also able to prescribe medication.

What makes Misti unique?2022-05-05T09:26:32+00:00

Misti has a Bachelor of Science Degree, a Marketing and Media Degree from Full Sail University, and a Master of Science Degree in Psychology with an emphasis in coaching from Grand Canyon University. Over and above, she is a certified coach, having acquired her qualification from Lumia (ICF Accredited). 

A degree in Psychology is rare among coaches. It enables Misti to work with her clients on a deeper level. She is armed with superior knowledge and a skill set that sets her aside from other coaches. Her vast insight and extensive experience place her in a league of her own.

Misti has worked with a multitude of women over a long-time span. She has dealt with loss in various guises, from death to divorce. Her experience is extensive in collaborating with women going through the challenges of menopause and feeling misunderstood, difficulties in social situations, anxiety, and family complications. Her background is varied and diverse in that she offers specialized services to executives in the workplace and women in their personal lives. 

Her in-depth experience and background education are a perfect marriage for a dependable, successful, and authentic coaching practice.

“Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.”

– Oprah Winfrey


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