Check out what our Coaching Clients have to say

Today, we live in a world where people read reviews of everything before buying – and coaching is no different. We need to feel assured before investing with the right coach.

Client testimonials are a potent tool because they are personal recommendations from clients who have experienced the services of InspHERation Coaching.

Perusing client feedback and testimonials, you will assess whether you feel that you and your coach will be a great fit. A sense of confidence must be instilled in you from the services offered and the overall feeling that you detect from the many clients who have transformed their lives with Misti’s coaching.

Please check out the feedback outlining authentic experiences from clients who have traveled the life-changing journey with Misti Graham, a certified and experienced coach, who dedicates her time to helping women. 

Misti has proudly built an extensive client base whereby she has been the instrument of assisting them in making significant changes in their lives. It has been most gratifying for her and her clients.

Let’s hear from our coaching clients directly.

Helped Me Set Attainable Goals!

inspHERation® Coaching

“Misti is extremely adept at helping you set goals while providing an easy-to-follow roadmap to attain them. I highly recommend her personal coaching services to anyone looking to achieve personal growth.”

Cori C.


Learned to Manage My Anxiety!

inspHERation® Coaching

“With Misti’s guidance, I was able to learn to effectively manage my anxiety. She provided tools and support that helped me understand what signs to watch for and how to manage them. She is the best coach I’ve ever worked with!”

Sara T.


Helped Me Balance Work and Life!

inspHERation® Coaching

“I’m so thankful I hired Misti to help with balancing my work and life. I was constantly feeling overwhelmed when I decided to hire her and now I’m so glad I did. As my accountability partner, Misti has provided me with a plan to follow that decreases my stress while helping me to be more effective in all areas of my life.”

Lisa S.


Improved My Interviewing Skills!

inspHERation® Coaching

“If you are looking for a coach to take you to the next level in your career, Misti is it! She helped me learn to improve my interviewing skills which lead to a promotion at work. I’m so thankful I hired her as my professional coach.”

Jodi B.


Learned New Ways of Managing Conflict Resolution!

inspHERation® Coaching

“I hired Misti as my professional coach because I needed to improve my conflict resolution skills at work. With her support, I was able to learn new, valuable skills that have helped me better understand how to resolve conflicts. Thanks Misti!”

Linda P.


Became a Better Leader!

inspHERation® Coaching

“As I recently had an increase of employees on my team, I needed to improve my team-building, active listening, and motivational skills while working on better communication, strategic thinking, creativity, and innovation within the team. Misti’s professional coaching direction helped me hone these attributes resulting in better relationships, further professional development, and creation of attainable career paths for all my employees.”

Michelle D.


“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”

– Lucille Ball