About Personal, Professional, and Executive Coaching for Women

InspHERation is built upon a foundation of three core words: IGNITE, INSPIRE, and IMPACT. These are the principles of Misti Graham’s InspHERation Coaching through the power of HER.


represents lighting your fire. Through InspHERational Coaching, Misti uses the power of HER to help women to IGNITE the fire within you, which leads to shifts in mindsets and allows you to create new patterns and behavior as you take your first step in creating either a personal or professional life that you desire.


is the powerful word that Misti uses to encourage women to inspire themselves in using the power of HER to begin to travel a new path, start a unique story and write a new story through very deliberate words choices and actions.


is the result of InspHERational Coaching through the power of HER by teaching coaching methods that provide long-lasting guidance and tools that will help you live an extraordinary and inspired life.

Whether you require a shift in your personal or professional life, InspHERational life coaching will assist in achieving your goals.
When you realize that you have the potential to design a life that you love, you will be inspired to part with the old repetitive script that is holding you back and be ready to begin writing a new one.

Your life-changing transformation will help you achieve a renewed sense of self and purpose. You will be equipped with tools and resources to enhance and supplement your sessions. It all starts with taking that first step. This is a journey where great expectations will be fulfilled when signing up with InspHERation Life Coaching.

Not only will the need for change motivate you to take the first step, but with Misti’s experience, caring, and compassionate manner, you will be motivated to change direction and walk a whole new transformational journey.

“The first step isn’t a small step; it’s the biggest step you will ever take.”

– Roger Lee