About Misti Graham, FoundHER of inspHERation®

Hello there, my name is Misti Graham and I am the FoundHER of inspHERation®. 

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

inspHERation® is a women's empowerment company that positively ignites, inspires and impacts the lives of others through the power of HER. With our life coaching services, Finding HERself blog, motivational speaking, inspHERation® apparel brands and the "Why Not Me Mindset" book and The Finding HERself Podcast (both coming in 2020), our goal is to help women ignite their fire, inspire change and make positive impacts in their lives. 

The idea of inspHERation® happened a few years ago in what began as an emotional breakdown one night in my dark Chicago apartment. That fateful night, it felt as though my life was finished and I had lost all control of what was happening to me. My relationship was over, ending in a way I could have never imagined or prepared for.

As I lay there on the floor, shattered to the core, my tears began to slowly subside and eventually gave way to an idea that would change my entire life's purpose, mission and vision.

In that moment, I realized and remembered that I had survived many other hardships in my life such as finding and losing my 48-year old father to a heart attack, the PTSD that followed and coming out as a gay woman at the young age of 21. Since then, I have also stood helplessly by and watched my mother courageously fight a losing battle with terminal liver cancer.

Ironically, in that one life-changing moment of clarity however I conceptualized the inspHERation® brand with the idea that we as women, possess an immense, untapped strength. We don't realize how strong we are until being strong is the only choice we have. 

You see it's the indomidable nature of the female spirit that keeps us moving forward no matter what circumstances life hands us. It is the idea that through our words, choices and actions, we not only inspire and empower ourselves but one another along the way as we travel our own path, follow our own journey and write our own story. survivHER, sistHER, warriHER...ultimately everyone has a story to tell, this one is simply mine.

My goal with inspHERation® is to continue to persevere within my own life and in doing so, help other women ignite, inspire and impact theirs. 

Always Live inspiHERed,


Ignite Your Fire.  Inspire Change.  Impact Your Life.


Misti Graham with actress, Valerie Bertinelli

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