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As women, we wear various hats concurrently. As wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, and entrepreneurs or employees, it isn’t easy to consistently juggle all balls without dropping one, or sometimes even more than one. As a result, it is not uncommon to sometimes feel overwhelmed and entangled in all the roles and responsibilities that we undertake.

Sometimes we tend to push ourselves to the extent that we feel we fail to meet our expectations and that of others. This can occur in the workplace, at home with one’s families and extended families, and in one’s personal life. 

There is help out there, and it’s right here!

Taking the step to recognize the need for help, reaching out, and approaching the right coach who is experienced, empathic, and committed, is a giant leap to achieving your goal and complete sense of self.

Critical to doing work on oneself requires raw and exposed honesty which can sometimes be a sensitive and painful process to lay bare. However, life coaching and introspection are necessary tools and a continual journey of self-discovery.

Finding the right coach

When taking the step to enter this process, you need to be assured that you will find a coach who will be the right fit for you. You may feel that you need another skilled and dedicated woman who will listen to you, hear you and understand how you feel. A woman who will hold your hand in a trusting way whereby you will feel safe, comfortable, heard, and at ease to unpack.

As your Coach, Misti Graham, will be there to hold a sacred space for your transformation. The Transformational Coaching Method foundation is the behavior and science of habit change. 

Misti provides holistic, coaching for women, helping you release what is holding you back with realistic benchmarks, roadmaps and hands on results- driven work.

inspHERation® Coaching

What can you expect from your coaching session?

Each session is unique. The journey of discovery is based on what you bring to the table. Misti assists you in finding the root of what is holding you back and what you desire most. As breakthroughs occur and are acknowledged in these sessions, you will also receive sustainable tools from taking consistent action toward more breakthroughs, allowing for transformation to occur.

The change that you begin to experience will inspire you to pursue your transformational journey further as a work in progress. You will find the various resources available to you on this site to enhance your growth and transformational change.

What you are assured of is the compassion and insight of a dynamic, accredited, experienced and unique coach who will guide you sensitively along your road to transformation. There is little more gratifying than experiencing growth and positive change. Having a committed and passionate coach aiding clients in achieving their goals is a genuine asset when a woman takes steps to expose her vulnerability. 

 Misti provides a space and a comfortable environment with a therapeutic climate that is non-judgmental and safe. She pays close attention, both verbally and non-verbally, to the needs of her clients and assists in formulating a road map with practical tools. The goal is not merely the destination. Growth evolves with each step of your journey to gain insight and empower yourself with tools and resources to live your best life. The purpose of a coach is to assist you as a client in reaching and sustaining the best possible level of functioning in every area of your life.

How can you as a woman benefit from coaching?

Misti does not just tell clients what to do as a women empowerment coach. Her key role is to bring about more profound transformation through being a facilitator. She helps bring about behavioral change in clients to achieve the desired outcome, invariably to operate at a more optimal level. This journey and ultimate change can only happen when there is self-understanding.

As coach and client, together, you will embark upon a journey. You will discover and uncover what is creating your obstacles and obstructing you from living your best life. 

The coaching journey releases those stumbling blocks in the path of growth, freedom, and light on the other side. Yes, there is light on the other side, and it is attainable.

Your coaching journey will uncover beliefs and patterns that are ready to shift so that you, as the client, can create and experience your life from a place of authenticity. Throughout this process, consistent action is applied towards these breakthroughs, which allows for transformation to occur. It is a process to be trusted.

Working through women’s life stages, Misti acknowledges the various phases that impact the client. These life stages may include teenage years, early adulthood, menopause, significant partnerships and marriage, space holding and managing family, motherhood, and biological changes in life.

Each time a woman passes through, emotional memories and potentially unresolved experiences may occur. This is when you realize that you need a safe space and tools to manage your life effectively and with confidence. The process of coaching provides the opportunity to explore these stages, gain insight and understanding and acquire the necessary tools and resources to achieve these goals.

Women play multi-functional roles in society and often need to interchange from mother or partner to career -woman or business owner. The issue is not so much to multi-task but to create balance. This can be challenging when making choices and decisions in others’ best interests rather than your own. Your coach collaborates with you towards creating clarity and focusing on positive and uplifting strategies that will support transformation.

It is well known that women are generally more driven by emotion and the desire to have meaningful relationships. This means that emphasis is placed on creating more open and honest relationships. Learning to set appropriate and sometimes necessary boundaries in those meaningful relationships is essential to enhance their quality.

Personal or professional coaching for women recognizes you, as a woman, your needs, perspectives, and desires outside of your established roles and expectations of other people.

InspHERation© Coaching Services

Personal Coaching

Each passage of time that a woman passes through brings an emotional memory and potentially unresolved experiences. Personal coaching from InspHERation coaching can help get either a sense of closure or the ability to adapt and become the most robust version of you.

Professional Coaching

While many women battle to find their niche or even decide to change their careers at a later stage of life, career coaching can help guide you through this time. InspHERation coaching provides the tools and constructs to guide women through this life-changing experience.

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Organization Executive Coaching offers many benefits to women in high-powered, stressful, and demanding corporate positions. Acquiring these invaluable tools will re-empower you to shine. 

What resources are available to you from InspHERation Coaching?

InspHERational Coaching provides you with tools to reclaim your sense of self, your passion, as well as your maximum potential.

We offer a host of resources to supplement your life coaching sessions.

Whether you enjoy reading or if listening appeals to you more, we offer a range of coaching guides and resources to suit your preferred sensory needs.

You may wish to relax, put your feet up and watch our series of personal, professional & executive coaching videos from InspHERation Coaching. 

Whether you are searching for reading material for personal or professional coaching tactics or advice, be inspired by the selection of eBooks from InspHERation Coaching that will offer insight into where you need it. 

These are excellent tools to make use of to supplement your coaching sessions and to enrich your spare time.

InspHERation Coaching has also presented a series of coaching guides for women. Strive to live your best life by using the personal & professional coaching guides provided. 

You can also enjoy coaching blogs from InspHERation Coaching, brought to you by women, for women. Here you can gain insight into many different female matters and how coaching can be the most helpful tool to help you live your best life. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter so that you will never miss a blog or any other updates going forward.

Take steps now to live your best life.

It is inherent within us as human beings to want to strive to live our best lives and function at our most significant potential. We all have the desire to chase happiness and be the best that we can be.

If you feel that you are functioning at less than your maximum potential, now is the time to reach out and contact Misti.

Through hands-on coaching, Misti has been a great instrument of change in many people’s lives who were aware that they too were not shining their brightest. They took the step and made the call. None of us should be content and complacent with living a life that has obstacles in our path, especially when professional life-changing help is at hand.

Listen to your inner voice and establish if you are a woman ready for this soul-shifting work.

Does this resonate with you? Then book a session to today to begin this transformational journey.